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Accessibility Policy

Design Philosophy

Universal accessibility is a layout concept which advocates the fulfillment of obstacle-free environments. The present site was conceived to be similarly accessible to the greatest variety of users. Thus it conforms to the Quebec government Website Accessibility Standard (SGQRI 008-01). To obtain more information about this standard, consult the following web page: Website Accessibility Standard Website Accessibility Standard - : this link will open in a new window. of ministère des services gouvernementaux (MSG) ministère des services gouvernementaux (MSG) - : ce lien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre..

Here, for example, are some of the guidelines that we have followed:

  • Structure all pages with hierarchical headings
  • Gives a textual equivalent to all images
  • Gives significant names to all the links on the site
  • Explicitly associate the tags with the form fields
  • Distinguish the content and the structure of its presentation by using CSS style sheets
  • Use valid codes and style sheets
  • Avoid pop-up windows; internal links open within the current window
  • Avoid using tables to present information
  • Develop consistent and understandable browsing mechanisms
  • Use a language that is as simple and understandable as possible
  • Offer a link to bypass navigation and go directly to the content

For greater access to our site, we also have an Easy Access site. This site addresses those who have severe intellectual disabilities or severe language or reading difficulties. The "Easy Access" site offers two options for information:

  • In simplified language
  • In "Ortograf altêrnativ" or phonetically based language in

Computer Adaptive Technologies - used to verify conformity

The following computer adaptation tools were used to verify the conformity of this web site to the SGQRI 008-01:

  • W3C HTML validator
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Firefox version 8
  • Firefox Web Developer Extension
  • Firefox Web Accessibility Extension
  • Color Contrast Analyser version 2.2
  • JAWS
  • NVDA